Monday, June 15, 2009

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

You will agree that some of the actions of the previous government, especially in the latter half of its tenure, were atrocious. They were atrocious enough to incite riots and demonstrations, remember? Hell, the actions of the previous government are directly responsible for the mayor Belize City has today! How can we ever forgive them for just that one deed?

The current government though, that's the one in charge right now, so that's the one we need to focus on. And in less than two years, this mob has managed, using the chorus "the PUP did worse," to actually be worse than (or equivalent to) the notorious PUP in a surprising number of ways. For example:
  • What is this new and improved practice of giving import permits only to the party faithful and excluding the honest small businesses from the opportunity to better their lot? The PUP did it too, but this lot have taken it now to a fine and authoritarian, even monopolistic art. I guess they are better than the PUP, hmmm?
  • What about grants/loans to party faithful who don't need it? Old news, BLUE news.
  • What about contracts signed without authority, contracts with national impact that are forgiven by a casually tossed 'she meant well?' Yes, that seems familiar too.
  • What about ministers out of control, who get more out of control because their boss wants an impossible burden of proof from those who speak up? Deja vu strikes again.
  • What about the truckloads of contraband goods that pass through our ports and borders unchecked while a few villagers lose their two dory loads? Uhhh, check that off the blue list too.
  • So much more, little of it original, much of it refined beyond what the original inventors imagined. Our evolution is no longer from red to blue to red to blue. It's from bad to worse, and so on. Down the slippery slope we go!

Money rules, gang. The new, ultra-modern cardinal rule is: party before country, and money before all. If you wish to run for political office, remember that and everything else will follow automatically. For example, it will go without saying that doing the right thing or the lawful thing is neither essential nor even advisable. A reputation as a good and honest person will work against you in our political world. A conscience? That'll take you to the edge, man -political suicide follows that kind of thinking.

Mr. Barrow, is this what you want those of us in the next generation to learn?


  1. Two wrongs do make a right. That is the policy of this government. I think even Jesus would turn into Judas. Our country is in the throes of malignant karma. There is no longer place for 'legitimate' business. We either join them or jump ship(into shit-pardon my language). At least with the PUP -- you were allowed to dream, but with this one...they turn into nightmares.
    Mr. Barrow is not interested. He is clean, and has 'high morals'. His job now, is to reward those who stayed by his hell with how 'clean' or 'moral' they are. To hell with the rest of us, who are good citizens, pay our taxes, and wish Belize to be the exemplary nation of good business and moral ethics in this hemisphere.

  2. Be very careful Belize..if you don't take ahold of your country and keep it (YOU) away from the pull of lousy government, poor leadership, bad examples and politicians, you're going to slide.. slide.. slide right down into a nasty latrine.

  3. It's a shame that Mr. Barrow turned out to be a weak prime minister. Ministers out of control-you are damn right! How about the Belize Rural North Representative? He is completely out ot control with his road over the Crooked Tree Village Western Lagoon. I am not against progress for the village, but where was the plan? This road was constructed for only ten farmers. Why wasn't the money spent to finish the road in the front where the majority of the villagers are using on a daily basis.

    BZ$2.5 million for ten people?