Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Dual Citizenship in the House

This isn't a long one, I just have a few questions that were forwarded to me:
  1. Who will benefit from amending the Constitution to allow dual citizens to sit in the House?
  2. Everyone seems to be thinking about Belizean-Americans, i.e. people who were born in Belize but have acquired citizenship in another country since. Has anyone thought about the other way around? Will people born in, say, Guatemala, qualify also?
  3. Will Economic Citizens qualify under this amendment?
  4. What restrictions can possibly be placed on such a person who may end up negotiating key agreements or treaties on our behalf with their 'other country.'
  5. Obviously, these dual citizens can then qualify for being Prime Minister -again, what happens when a Guatemalan Belizean sits in that position?
  6. Our relations with Taiwan are pretty critical to our financing these days. What happens if a Chinese-Belizean becomes PM and instructs that we vote against Taiwan in the U.N.?
I suspect that Item 6 hits close to home in an opposite kind of way, but any way it all goes, this notion cannot bode well for Belize, for all the above reasons and many more besides. If you have a problem with this amendment, be sure to speak to your area rep, and make sure everybody you know does so too.

We've sold our citizenship, let's not now give away our House!


  1. I totally agree. Look what Said Musa, who is a Palestinian-Belizean did with his vote in the U.N. with the Israel situation. A small country like Belize should have refrained fom casting a vote - neutrality would have been a strategic action giving our own territorial situation - but he voted against Israel in Belize's name. Was that vote cast as a Belizean, I think not. We really need to re-evaluate indeed, who will this benefit?

    From a Belizean born in the United States

  2. Something's up, someone's been promised a place, in return for favors$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    So what are we gonna do about this. Sit back as usual as see life pass us by, or are we going to stand up...for once in our lives and fight for Belize to be for Belizeans.