Friday, October 31, 2008

Missing: One Belize City Mayor

Ten possibilities where she might be:
  1. Fell into a pothole and awaiting rescue;
  2. Drawing up plans for a new floor for her house –in case flood reaches the first three;
  3. In New Zealand checking what they do when the streets wash away;
  4. Got attacked by a renegade garbage pile;
  5. Making change for a Dalla;
  6. Resting her voice after all the pre-convention interviews;
  7. Looking between her sofa cushions for $90K;
  8. Writing her memoir “Fishy Cooperatives -How to Become the, Yuh Know, Mayor;”
  9. Having her hair done in case Jules drops by;
  10. Looking for parking on Albert Street.
If you know where she is, please ask her to report to the nearest media house (she should have the numbers) as her citizens are deeply concerned about her whereabouts.


  1. 11.having a pedicure because her toes got messed up wearing rubber boots(they call them wellies in New Zealand)

    12. Getting her eyebrows reshaped so she maintains her perpetual look of surprise

  2. In her defense, as a black woman, I completely understand her hair issues and thus the need for all those beauty appointments. I hope it's in the official mayoral budget.

  3. Perhaps the people who were so eager to vote for her during the recent convention could shed light on where their 'diligent, hardworking' mayor might be and why she's so busy that she can no longer find a TV camera to pose in front that her city's infrastructure is in crisis. I hope nobody in the Belamas took her money in exchange for their vote on Oct 5th!

  4. 13. Busy looking for another job because some election day, Belize City will have 10 UDP councillors but a PUP Mayor. This one is totally clueless.

  5. 11. Travelling to Alaska to meet with Palin to get advice on shopping sprees and talking crap.

    12. Suspending Mr. Perrera and then deciding on why

    13. Looking up the meaning of "insubordination"

    14. Color-coordinating her red,black and white wardrobe

    15. Dodging creditors

    16. Interviewing bodyguards

    17. Partying at Club Next

    18. Trying to "make" a Dalla outta 15 cents

  6. 19. Praying. I am all for religion but one can't help but notice that Lady Z cannot speak without mentioning God. Z are you sincere or are you trying to fool the electorate?

  7. I know where she is! I'm absolutely certain of it! She's been masquerading as Sarah Palin! If you doubt it, just read about the RNC complaints of diva behaviour, shopping sprees, travel activities... Sound familiar?

    Kids, I tell you, that's why we haven't seen her, she's been busy!

  8. Did you all hear her new book has gone to printing?? "The Zen of Nada"

  9. How about Running Belize City and fixing the problems the predecessor government left for her and recouping from attacks from folk who just can't see a strong woman get ahead and folk who want to be in the driving seat??????????????????? From her friend Rondine

  10. Hey Rondine, she did better when the PUP government was in. Whatever happened? As for "running' Belize City, she be 'driving' and 'jetting' anywhere else but where she business. Strong Women don't hide...they face challenges, and don't make excuses. She's giving us 'women' a bad name. talk to your friend, she must good do, talk, and behave better.

  11. Rondine, with respect, your friend has now been in the "driving seat" now for almost 4 years. More than enough time to get her act together.

    Any woman in politics knows that attacks are a part of the territory. Creating or 'oxygen-ating' attacks to gain sympathy or support is a VERY bad and energy consuming idea . Z should focus on her JOB and not on her HYPE.She has made the fatal error of consuming her own propaganda and regurgitation it as 'truth'.

    Real strong woman PULL UP THEIR BIG GIRL PANTIES AND GET ON WITH THE WORK. We do NOT whine and play 'victim' and 'martyr.We do NOT blame other people. We do not get distracted by sideshows.

    No true friend should shy away from telling another friend just how badly she is doing. Seriously. Z is lite - not strong. And real strong women right now pity her.

    Any body who says that its just sour craaboo cos she is strong probably thought that if we supported Hilary, we should support that dolt Palin. No. Do not bring the "woman" thing into it -please.

    I agree - DO. Do well, Zenaida - shut up and show us, not simply babble-talk your way through crises. And yes, have the sense to give your office the dignity it deserves. Lead - or get out of the way and join the followers so a REAL strong woman (and not just a female bigmouth) can lead.