Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wish List

I have a wish list for Belize, and it's this:

  1. Give us back all the millions, not just the 40 we're talking about right now...WE WANT IT ALL BACK!
  2. Put a few people in jail (whoever you can catch, I'm not that choosy) as an example of what not to do to our country. Don't make the cells comfortable either.
  3. Make sure that when those people get out of jail, they and their friends are so poor, they have to beg for a job cleaning streets.
  4. Cut the PuppetMaster's strings -he has some around necks, and some attached to sticky, pudgy fingers. Cut them all clean. Leaders must lead for the benefit of the country, not its would-be owner.
  5. Make political leaders understand that their five-year contract with the voters includes a performance clause with regard to the whole economy, not just their individual cronies and constituents. None are more equal than others in the polling booth.
  6. Bring back hanging in a big take my life, society takes yours. Fair exchange is no robbery, right?
  7. Get the opposition party to wake up to its faults. You blues can't blame anyone but yourselves for your downfall, and we need you to accept that and move on to being a viable, strong, vocal opposition.
  8. Have the media keep up the good work, and let the voters continue to learn the power of words to avert misdeeds.

What are your wishes? Send in your comments.


  1. My wish...

    Actual enforcement of the amazing laws that we already possess in this nation.

  2. love the wish list.. gave me a good laugh. would have to agree with the voice on this one too. if we simply enforced what we already have on the books, things would run a lot smoother.

  3. Thanks guys, we do have wonderful laws on the books that only require enforcement. First among these for me is capital punishment. But when it comes to political/financial crimes, the laws are few and far between and the penalties are a joke. But we continue to persevere...words do have an effect, such is my faith.