Sunday, September 27, 2009

Poor Little Rich Barry

I've been watching this whole episode of the new 'environmental' deposit law with more than a great deal of amused cynicism. See, to understand this law you have to go back to the PM's announcement in the House when he said (if I may paraphrase) that while he dislikes free trade, regrettably we are signatories to the CSME treaty. In other words, instead of encouraging exports, which we need to do badly, the PM wants to keep our borders closed and padlocked, which mentality explains why we're still an importing economy. Because free trade goes both ways, and were he to speak the language in the proper way, he would encourage our producers to take the next step and become exporters. He'd encourage other countries to shop in Belize instead of charging duty to those of us who stretch our dollars across the border. Alas, if only foresight were a thing readily available to our leaders.

Anyway, though economic ignorance often rules the day, the duties finally came down on the two relevant imported beers. Naturally, the local brewer went into hysterics because his gazillion years of protection had ended. So the brewery people duly raced up to Belmopan, put the well-practiced poor-me whine on full volume, and the result is this 'environmental' law that'll require everyone to put down a deposit of 25 cents on a perfectly useless bottle for absolutely no reason except that the local brewer is feeling a little pressured by the first real competition he's felt since Crown Beer died...or was murdered. Check it, Belikin has to spend real money on advertising! They had to buy Joe Bradley! What a barrel of laughs, thinking that we'll switch to Belikin just 'cause Joe says he drinks it. Ha! Everybody knows what Joe drinks, and it's not Belikin..

Now me, I do drink the occasional Belikin, but I'm still looking forward to the day, and I'm sure it's still quite some decades away, thanks to said local brewer, when I can drink a Corona in this country instead of hauling my ass up to Chetumal to do it. Hell, I work hard all week, and when Friday comes, as a taxpaying consumer, I deserve a choice of beers, no? Well, no, apparently not, because poor old Barry will starve. I saw him recently, and by my judgment, he could stand to lose a few pounds, so maybe we should all boycott Belikin while they try to take away our right to choose.

But do notice that Hilly is suddenly an environmentally conscious boy, and see how he's banging away on the airwaves, telling anybody who'll listen that he and his bosses are environmental angels. The peeps living behind the brewery in Ladyville know different, but it's fun to listen to. Doesn't matter though, as bogus as the law is, it'll pass, because Barry wants it to, and because he's made promises to the UDP. Mind you, he won't keep them any longer than he has to, after all he not-so-secretly hates the UDP. Wanna know the truth of his politics? Buy him a couple of drinks and ask him.

So kids, in the name of free trade, consumer choice and the environment, once Barry's Deposit passes into law, pay your shilling extra, drink your (newly affordable) imported beer, and raise a toast to the plastic continuing to line our streets with impunity. I guess the way to get that cleaned up is for someone to begin importing a beer in plastic bottles.


  1. The Creep that worte about POOR LITTLE RICH BARRY did so anonymously because he or she is nothing but scum. LITTLE RICH BARRY has spent his entire life investing in businesses in Belize that have contributed to the benefit and growth of Belize. LITTLE RICH BARRY has created jobs for over 1,000 Belizeans and the companies he owns pay more taxes than any other. The simpleton who wrote about "hauling" his "ass up to Chetumal" to drink Mexican beer obviously hastes Belize. He or she could not care less, that when they do that they are not helping Belizean Workers or the Belize economy in any way.

    The deposit law that the Government of Belize is introducing is nothing like the laws of Barbados or any other country in the Caribbean. Does this simpleton know that the deposit on beverage container in Germany is BZ$0.75 each. Does this simpleton realize that if a consumer wants the deposit to be returned all that is necessary is to return the bottle or can for a refund.. So how does this increase any cost? Maybe this cowardly simpleton should go home to Mexico or maybe this simpleton should say who he or she is and defend the garbage they wrote.

    I work in Belize and like my job, - thanks to RICH LITTLE BARRY.


  2. 'Creep,' 'scum,' 'simpleton,' 'cowardly simpleton,'...hmmm, looks like I struck a nerve within the Empire. Oh dear, guess I better lay off the Coca Cola so's I don't get poisoned.

    C'mon RC, is this the best you can come with? At least mine was based on fact. Maybe he's provided jobs for 1,000 Belizeans across ALL the companies, but um, how many millions has he received in tax breaks? And should we talk about those Belizeans who once worked at 7-Up, Pepsi and Crown, all of which were bankrupted by mysterious means?

    We'll have a chat one day about how much his contribution to the economy has held back our development. No argument that he's done good stuff, but so has Ashcroft. And I don't think the comparisons end there either.

    As for the German deposit, when I earn my money in Euros, maybe I'll be thrilled to pay 75 cents. But then I assume this tidbit means you can afford to drink at Octoberfest, nuh? At least I only pop over to Mexico on the occasional weekend where I can have a CHOICE. You get to fly to Europe on the old monopolistic dime.

    C'mon RC, you look silly calling someone a coward when you can't type out your whole name. Try again.


  3. Hey RT, you're being unfair. Didn't anyone tell you only to pick on people your own brain size? Poor old RC, he needs brighter insults.

    On the other note, truly competitive companies need no protection once they are on their feet. Hasn't Barry found his feet yet after all these years? Maybe UB should analyze why as a case study. You know, help a brother out?

  4. OK kids, now this is not the way to go. No insults, 4 decades of this is enough. Keep it clean ,,,,,hmmmm isn't that the whole issue of this, and i wonder who felt the pinch the most. Oh ya, RC- its you, one question -
    You think that maybe now you guys have to follow also the rules which everyone in Belize is supposed to follow, or this is the way of the 4 decade empire to make sure, they dont have to go back to school and find out , how business is done in the real world,
    Note: This is not to take parts of RC or RT, but walk down princes margaret drive, or the western or the northern and see what is in the drain. All plastic (in any form and shape) so, if this is a Honest way of Bowen and Bowen to say, enough is enough and "LETS CLEAN OUR PRIDE OF BELIZE", i follow, but not under the pretext of "I am enviromentally friendly",

    .....psst - You see the stock pile of broken bottles behind the brewery,
    ....... Psst - Ladyville stinks ( like beer ) i wonder why.......
    ...... Psst- Nice burn mark they have , and its shiney , i did not know that it was a natural ingridient for burnt plastic to be on and in the soil.

    Yes , you got it all....(or do you)

    Thanks for this revelation, YR (i thought i follow with the trend ---)

  5. I believe guys are rich people because us poor do not care about your fight.

    What would be real is that every body - every rich importer every rich manufacturer pay for ALL Bottles ALL Containers GLASS/PLASTIC/METAL/WOOD - WHATEVER.

    It does not matter - you get the point.

    Then we the poor would have some work and the streets would be clean.

    Whatever you rich importers do with the bottles is up to you. Then maybe you can convince your political friends to stop buying land in the United States and taking the money out of Belize and mabye thinking for the future and building factories to use this waste.


  6. Bravo Rick! Agree with you totally! Also agree with the writer of this article; on some levels the two of you seem to say the same thing.

    The rich importers and producers ALL need to do their part for the environment. If only this law was the answer...but according to what I read, it ain't. There IS a 2% environmental tax already on ALL imports, but that doesn't go to helping the environment either. So the ever-richer politicians need to do their part for the entire country...when's the last time somebody in government looked out for Belize??

    I think though, that the rich people with the political friends here would be the producer, the guy who only recycles what he has to, and gets laws changed for his benefit so he can keep his monopoly intact.

    It's time that laws, environmental and other, were made for the entire country's benefit instead of for small numbers of rich or connected individuals, don't you think?

    I want my country back!