Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where's the Rage? What's the Recourse?

In modern 21st century Belize, a young mother, Cenaida Raymundo, had to deliver a baby on her own, by herself, all alone, in a hospital, only to have that baby die from brain damage. Little Andy's umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, something that isn't normally lethal (not in this century, not in a reasonably competent medical facility), something that happens every day. His death was unnecessary and outrageous. All of it boiled down to a hideously perfect combination of neglect and incompetence by medical 'professionals' who apparently are as capable of caring for those consigned to their care as are the vultures 'backa dump.' Well, the vultures would probably deal more tenderly.

The details of Cenaida's ordeal are hideous, even medieval. And they are not, in separate parts, unique stories. Putting the mess before the humans, the non-response to a mother's terrified screams for help, the inept and half-hearted attempts at transport, the cold-blooded quips about praying for another's death in order for a turn at the ventilator, these are not unheard of, not at all without multiple precedents. And each of them on their own is disgusting, unacceptable.  Put together, as in this family's experience, they are scenes in a Halloween movie...horror!

We are all mourning the unnecessary and painful loss of a newborn Belizean who died yesterday before he had a chance to live. This tiny baby, little Andy Jones, one of our citizens, was sentenced to a tortured death through neglect, and I sense that without public outrage, without major outcry, nothing will be done beyond a light slap on a wrist or two. I sense this because I haven't heard any mea culpas yet, not from the PG hospital, not from KHMH, not from any vote-seeking politicians. Even Dr Pitts seemed to think it unnecessary to utter a single word acknowledging the magnitude of the loss, and the horror, that this family has endured. Pathetic! KHMH authorities couldn't even find it fit to break with policy to help an anguished Cenaida get little Andy's body home...their alternate suggestion only piles on the nightmares.

Unless we speak up, unless we stomp our feet and throw a tantrum, nothing will be done to prevent this happening again and again and again. Say something! Let not this child have died in vain!

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 Then make some noise!!!


  1. Amen!! I haven't heard any one ranting and raving on the talk shows. The Hospital in P.G. and the KHMH need to be put to task. I want to see heads roll, suspensions given. I want to see the Minister of Health pay for and be present at that child's funeral. I want the family to be compensated. In other words, I want the Authorities to "beg for forgiveness".

  2. We tend to speak down to the Central American Republics and this is what we have become. Corrupt and inept. This is one example of officialdom failing to deliver but delivering a cover-up. What about the father of five that was knocked down a few weeks ago and killed. Last I heard the police knew who owned the vehicle and who was driving but they were not releasing any name. Where is new Commissioner A..hole and his zero tolerance. You need to start a list of all these cover-ups to keep track of them and remind ourselves what a shitty little corrupt banana republic we have become. Every time we vote we vote for a new brand of corruption. Start a list and I will personally help publicise it.

  3. There is a protest being organized check out Belize News Post for details.