Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Deliver us from...the Lord

Lord save us
They said, all those years ago.
He charged in, you see,
Allegedly to save you and me.

Lord be praised
They murmured in hushed tones.
Those who over him fawned
While our heritage they pawned.

Lord only knows
How deeply they bowed.
Following him to wealth,
Trading our economic health.

Lord Voldemort lives.
His Death Eaters thrive.
In Potter’s field our freedom lies
Traded like a cheap tin prize

He Who Must Not Be Named
(For Fear of a Lawsuit)
Bought us lock, stock and barrel
From our leaders, with nary a quarrel

Lord help us?
Never, only ever himself
And while we remain naïve
We’ll earn no reprieve

The Lord will provide
For himself and his kin
Till we send him and his fans
To rot in Azkhaban!

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